When starting our journey in the blockchain gaming space, the team at Elemental Raiders shared one common goal – to put the players and the game first. The economics behind Elemental Raiders holds one of the keys to success in reaching that goal. Let’s jump straight into the good stuff and break down our economy together!


Free to Play Version

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing about Web3 or blockchain games – is the high barrier of entry due to the costs involved with NFTs. With Elemental Raiders, we believe that accessibility and inclusivity is key, which is why we have introduced a Free to Play (F2P) version of the game! In the F2P version of the game, players have the ability to join in PvE scenarios and matches in order to win rewards, giving them the opportunity to level up, build on their skills and increase their team power. AND WHAT’S MORE? G4AL is also working to release the game on different platforms such as Steam and Epic Games!    


Play to Earn Version

Although the system and structure for the P2E and F2P versions of the game are the same – players who enter the P2E version of the game will have the ability to earn Elemental Crystals through different competitions and engagement within the game. In order to reap these awesome benefits, players will need to invest in the game ecosystem and upgrade to the Arena Ticket system. 


The F2P and P2E Bridge

Our unique bridging system closes the gap between the F2P and P2E, giving F2P players the opportunity to join in with P2E players, opening up more doors to monetise. At Elemental Raisers, we value the time that players put into building skills within the game, which is why we have included NFT minting options for F2P players – giving them the opportunity to mint NFTs according to their levelled skill! By converting non-NFT skills into NFT skills, one can then sell them in the marketplace for $GGT tokens. Holding on to the $GGT token and NFTs gives players the opportunity to obtain Arena tickets and potentially receive Elemental Crystals… It’s that simple! 



$GGT and Elemental Crystals are the two tokens native to our ecosystem. 

The Game Gold Token ($GGT) is the utility token of the G4AL ecosystem, which is limited to a total supply of 10 billion $GGT and can be traded through exchanges and earned with seasonal rewards for top rated players. This token can be used in:

  • G4AL Platform Governance
  • G4AL Games
  • G4AL Engine
  • G4AL SDK
  • G4AL Broker
  • G4AL Launcher

The Elemental Crystals (EC) on the other hand, have an unlimited supply, which can be minted by playing the Elemental Raiders game by winning games in PVP and some PvE events. EC are required to mint NFT skills, upgrade mastery slots, reforges and buy chests to increase their power and value. EC can also be sold at any time on the in-game exchange.


Trading, buying and selling of NFTs in $GGT is simple. We have built an in-game marketplace, also in the form of a website,that ensures easy, seamless and fast transactions, with the G4AL platform taking a small commission from each confirmed trade at 2%.


Game Earning Distributions 

Have we mentioned that we want to give everyone a fair chance to play AND earn at the same time? Yes? Well we’ll keep saying it over and over because we really mean it, and we ensure that earnings are distributed in a way that prioritises the players and the game. 

When it comes to minting skills, purchasing soft currency (Rune Stones) or purchasing chests, EC are burned in these transactions whilst $GGT goes to the distribution pool. The distribution pool then focuses on four aspects:

  • P2E Community: 50% of $GGT spent during the season is reverted back to players, with earnings based on their ratings, holdings for Arena tickets, PvE, PvP and weekly rewards;
  • EC Burning System: 20% of the pool will be allocated to the Elemental Raiders team, allowing them to purchase and burn EC;
  • Game Maintenance: 15% goes towards maintenance of the game and ecosystem;
  • Game as a Service: The last 15% goes towards making game improvements to keep our players on their toes


Scholarship Program

Last but not least – our scholarship program gives players an opportunity to start earning with no initial investment. Players will have an opportunity to keep and manage multiple Elemental Raiders accounts on their G4AL account. The introduction of lending accounts will allow players with multiple NFTs to grant access to their account to other players (AKA scholars) to play the game with these NFTs and share the profits with the account owners.   A win-win situation if you ask us!


Final Thoughts

The idea of getting started in the blockchain gaming space might seem intimidating at first, but rest-assured, with Elemental Raiders – your experience will be nothing but simple and rewarding. Our F2P and P2E models, together with the F2P/P2E bridging technology, ensure that no player gets left out of opportunities to monetise in our game. Will you be joining us on this exciting journey?