Key features of Elemental Raiders, find out more about the gameplay and rewards

Now you know the setting of the game and core storyline, let’s look at how the game works – and how you can earn rewards. 

Elemental Raiders is a turn-based PvP and PvE RPG game with token- and NFT-based features. These are the key features, also, the game combines components from collectible card games, turn-based RPGs and the crypto economy to deliver an incredible playing experience. 

The game 

Build, collect and upgrade your Heroes by creating stunning skills, with countless options to choose from and unique results for each of your Heroes. You can even change their appearance with a selection of in-game skins and will change the stats of your hero.

Once your team is ready, you can fight other players in PvP on thrilling Arenas to up the skills of your Heroes. In each battle you will be more powerfull and everytime you defet your oponent you can earn incredible rewards. You can also join PvE raids raids against the Evil Titans and their many minions in some of Runaria’s most stunning locations. The raids give access to special skills, passives, Heroes and Elemental Crystals, so you can continue to improve your team. 

The token- and NFT-based features

Beyond the thrill of the competition, Elemental Raiders gives you much more.  The Elemental Raiders community members who are victorious will have the opportunity to collect rare assets. At the end of each combat, winners get a chest with crypto tokens, NFTs and other rewards –  the more you play, the bigger the pay-off. 

The exciting thing is that blockchain technology then makes it possible for you to trade what you have earned. At G4AL we believe players deserve to own what in game earnt and everything they have fought so hard to get, so the Heroes, skills, skins and other elements in your possession are yours for good, and you can sell them for a profit in the marketplace. 

What makes ER different

Elemental Raiders is easy to play but hard to master. As you play, and the learning curve increases over time, with new features added as you progress in the game. You have many choices to level up skills, Heroes and passives, meaning that each build is different and unique. 

The game is also incredibly fun to play: the visuals, game mechanics and entertainment you get are what you would expect from a AAA-game (and there are excellent reasons for it!). 

Want proof? Check out this video and join the Elemental Raiders community on Discord to discover some seriously cool stuff.