Game Features

Learn the Basics

There’s a lot to learn about Elemental Raiders, so let’s start with the essentials.Explore the guide below to get the rundown on one of the best blockchain games.

What is Elemental Raiders?

Elemental Raiders is a Free-to-Play turn-based Hero battler game built on blockchain technology.Elemental Raiders game combines features from collectable card games, multiplayer online battle arenas and turn-based RPGs.Players can start earning rewards with our new and reworked Play-and-Earn model and monetise their time!

Game Modes


Raids are PvE scenarios where players compete through waves of enemies until facing the Evil Titans. Every week there’s a different raid, and players can play up to 7 times per week.In each wave, the power of the monsters increases, making them more difficult to defeat. After ten rounds, players can choose from different Powers to improve their Heroes. Powers selected on raids last the whole week, obtaining several of them during a Raid.There are four Leagues in the Raids: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Raiders. Every League exponentially increases the difficulty of the scenario but gives better rewards. At the end of the week, the players with the highest scores are promoted to the next League.


The Arena is a competition pitting players in a two-player battleground where the objective is to defeat the enemy team.The number of Trophies determines the rank of the player. Players win or lose Trophies through these matches, unlocking better rewards and receiving higher earnings. A fierce competition awaits!Each Arena Season has a 60 days duration, and players receive rewards at the end of the season depending on the number of trophies, gaining both GGTs and Elemental Crystals.


Players are able to choose between 3 Hero types at launch: 3 Water Heroes, 3 Fire Heroes and 3 Nature Heroes.Each Hero has particular traits, visuals, and skills, with endless combinations to make every build different and unique!


The Elements play a crucial role in the gameplay.The mechanic is similar to the rock-paper-scissors game,where each Element receives more or less damage from otherElements as determined by the game dynamics.


Heroes have different skills to choose from. To enter the battle, players create a deck of four skills, per each Hero.


Mana is the resource used to play skills, and players must pay the cost in order to use the skill. Players gain Mana each round and can save up to ten Mana.


Skills with the instant effect go first on the playing order list.


The main attributes are Damage, Heal, and Shield. The value of the skill is a multiplier of the Hero's stat power, dealing a percentage of the Hero’s specific stat.


Skills can apply different status, buffs and debuffs that empower or weaken Heroes. Each status effect has varying expirations times, from the end to the round or until the match is completed.


Skills have four different rarities. Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary.


Converting skills to NFTs unlock the Mastery Tree, giving access to extra benefits to the skill and making the skill tradeable.


Players can level up a skill to increase its stats and gain new modifiers. To level up a skill, the player needs to obtain multiple copies and Rune Stones. Skills have a maximum of ten levels, and the starting level, amount of copies and cost depends on the rarity.

Game Mechanics

Elemental Raiders brings a new genre to the table: a turn-based Hero battler system where players manage a team of three Heroes with different skills, while sharing the same Mana pool.Every turn, players decide the skills they want to use for any of their Heroes with a maximum of 4 skills per turn.You can choose multiple skills on the same Hero or save the Mana for later turns.Players start with three Mana points and gain more Mana each round, increasing the amount of Mana points received per round.

Skill Order

The order of the Skills is resolved through a priority system:

  • There are two phases, the Instant Phase and the Regular Phase. Instant Skills are played first, and after that comes the Regular Phase.
  • At the start of each match, a random player receives the priority emblem. Having the emblem means that the first skill that is selected will be resolved first, then the other player will resolve his first skill, and so on with 1-1 order.
  • Once a round is completed, the priority emblem moves to the other player, changing the order of the skills for the next round.


On Elemental Raiders, the Gods will give you extra powers while playing. Every two rounds on PvP and ten rounds on PvE you obtain a power given by Gods:

  • You will choose between three powers and both players have the same list of powers displayed.
  • Powers have rarity, and they can affect both your Heroes, your enemy Heroes or your skills.

End of Match

When a Hero reaches 0 Health Points(HP) as a result of enemy attacks, the Hero disappears and cannot play any other skills during the game. If players miss a skill due to the death of a Hero or a status effect, the Mana won’t be wasted and they will be able to use this Mana on their next round.The first player that defeats all enemy Heroes wins the match.


Elemental Raiders has a two-layer design. The first and most important layer is the Free-to-Play one.Elemental Raiders is a fully enjoyable and competitive game that can be played for free.Players can join PvE scenarios and PvP matches to win rewards that will enable them to level up their skills and increase their overall team power.

Elemental Raiders incorporates a unique F2P-P2E bridging system that enables players to monetize the time they invested in the game.As gamers, we understand that playing a game requires dedication. In Elemental Raiders, we value and appreciate that dedication. That's why the game includes an NFT minting option for Free-to-Play players, which allows them to mint their levelled skills and trade them.

Players that convert their non-NFT skills into NFT skills can sell them in the marketplace for $GGT tokens. Alternatively, they may wish to hold on to their $GGT to obtain Arena Tickets, so they can opt to receive Elemental Crystals as a reward for winning PvP.Play-and-Earn players follow the same system as Free-to-Play players, with the difference that they can earn Elemental Crystals by competing and engaging with game content.

Arena Tickets

To obtain Arena Tickets, players need to invest in the Elemental Raiders Ecosystem by holding $GGTs or buying NFTs.Every time a player engages in a PvP match:

  • If the player has an Arena Ticket and wins, they are rewarded with Elemental Crystals.
  • If the player DOESN'T have an Arena Ticket, they don't receive Elemental Crystals.

There are two ways to obtain Arena Tickets and become a Play-to-Earn player:

  • The account must hold a required in-wallet amount of $GGT during an Elemental Raiders season. The tokens will be frozen until the end of the season, which lasts 60 days.
  • If the player’s account holds NFTs, they will also obtain Arena Tickets.

The total number of Arena Tickets can not exceed 50, except if you hold an Arena Gold Ticket from the Runaria God’s Founder Chest.