What is Runaria like? 

Runaria is a prosperous and fascinating world where archaic technology and magic coexist. It is also the home of many different races and creatures that have lived in harmony since time immemorial. 

But the Runarian peace is abruptly broken by an unimaginable catastrophe. The Evil Titans that were banned from the land for their heinous deeds have returned. But not only that! They have taken control of the Elemental Crystals and tasked their most trusted minions. They are bringing the destruction of everything in their path.

When all seems lost, hope returns. Brave heroes imbued with the power of the Elements make an unexpected appearance. They are determined to stop the invasion of Runaria and save their beloved land.

Along the long journey that awaits them, they will progress and master their skills beyond comprehension, gathering resources to forge legendary teams and alliances with one goal only: to face – and defeat – the Evil Titans.

Elemental crystals

The Elemental Crystals are a scarce resource in Runaria. They are, in fact, the most valuable resource in the land, beyond the glittering gems, solid gold and magic artefacts that can also be found around Runaria. 

What makes them so coveted is the power that is contained within their interior, a power so vast that it can boost the energy and strength of those who consume it to an unimaginable degree. This power is the reason why endless minions and demonic creatures have been commanded to search for Elemental Crystals, with no regard for the damage caused to Runarians and their land. 

Your mission

The Elemental Raiders, the heroes who have volunteered to protect their land. Each of them have different motivations to want to fight the Evil Titans, but they all share the same determination. 

As a player, you will confront other players in spectacular locations. You can join other adventurers in group raids formed to combat against the Evil Titans and their armies. How you decide to use your incredible team of skilled heroes is up to you.

Blessed by the Gods with the Elemental powers of Water, Fire, and Nature, the Elemental Raiders all have different strengths. As with many RPGs, the choices regarding the Element of your heroes will affect the outcome of the battles, so make sure that the team you build works well.