“The fire of justice is here. We will strike the evil from this Realm!” 


In the tallest building of the Skyhigh, the most powerful archangels were gathered to discuss the events of the catastrophe.

The discussion was heated. Igniel wanted to lead the angels to fight evil forces, however the other council members opposed this path. Igniel smashed the table with his fist, and flames went across the table. Immediately, in a rage, he left the city of Skyhigh and went to battle by himself against the endless warriors of the Evil Gods. 


The story of the archangel Igniel is based on fire, war and justice. 


Igniel was born from the secret holy flame of Runaria. His fire can cleanse any corruption, becoming the bane of the evil creatures. Therefore he ignites his sacred sword on fire in combat and mercilessly slashes his enemies without hesitation.

Over time, Igniel’s legend has inspired much of the human kingdom’s culture as one of the pillars and protectors of Runaria. Statues, busts, paintings of the flaming Archangel have been represented through all Runaria, becoming the representation of courage and power against the evil Golds.


In combat, Igniel brandishes his sacred sword and uses Fire control to defeat his enemies. Additionally, he has the power to heal himself and his party with different skills in order to protect his allies.

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