Discover a new free-to-play game: Elemental Raiders, a game with token- and NFT-based features 

Welcome to Runaria, a fantasy world where archaic technology and magic live together. It’s a land of bustling cities, glittering seas and majestic forests, where the different races that call it their home coexist in harmony. 

But a huge calamity has taken place: the Evil Titans have invaded Runaria, sending their most trustworthy and deadly lieutenants to fight for them. They only have one mission: to loot Elemental Crystals for their lords – and do whatever it takes to reach their goal. 

Many think all is lost. However, ancient prophecies talk of Heroes wielding the power of the sacred elements – Heroes destined to come to the rescue in Runaria’s darkest hour. 

They are the Elemental Raiders.

As you can see, the Elemental Raiders are a diverse group of Heroes. Amongst them you will find brute strength, fury, grace and laughter. But they have one thing in common: the determination to free Runaria from the Evil Titans. 

Elemental Raiders is a turn-based PvP and PvE RPG game with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay that will blow you away. It’s also a crypto game, and so it also allows players to earn and trade NFTs and crypto tokens. 

Play to earn rewards

You can play against other players where you can build a team oh heroes and develop a skill and passives of yoir choice. Not only that, you will discover sinergies in your team to lead you to the victory. Each win in the batterfield will reward you with powerfull masteries, heroes and passives to increase your power. Also, everything you can earn has a rarity that will determinate the value of your asset. If you are lucky, you may get a rare asset that you can trade or keep to it to master your team.

Find out more about how the game works, and be prepared to be blown away!

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