As a kid, did you ever wish that a treasure hunt map would magically appear, with a big ‘X’ leading you to a chest of gold coins and jewels? If your answer is yes, then the Elemental Raiders NFT chests are sure to spark joy in your inner child. If your answer is no – we’re certain that it’ll still tickle your fancy ✨ 

In case you haven’t been acquainted with Elemental Raiders just yet, let us get you familiar with the basics. We’re a turn based RPG where players can compete against each other in a PvP arena! Given the P2E nature of the game, players can obtain rewards in a number of ways! 


Let’s Talk Tokens!

Before we get into the juicy deets of our NFT founders chests, let’s cover the tokenomics of Elemental Raiders, whic​​h include Game Gold Tokens (GGT), Elemental Crystals (EC), Runestones and Golden Tickets. 


GGTs, the native currency of the G4AL platform, is limited in supply and can be used to mint the highly anticipated chests. 

ECs are the in-game token of Elemental Raiders and can also be used to purchase chests, as well as mint skills. 

Runestones are rewarded through winning PvP matches, which are used to level up skills and purchase daily offers. 

Lastly, the Golden Ticket gives users an extra 15 Arena Tickets and allows users to increase the daily Arena Ticket allowance.


Once you have your hands on either ECs or GGTs – you will have the opportunity to purchase our Founder NFT Chests! 


The Treasure Hunt Chest Of Your Dreams 🏅 

Each one of our Founder NFT Chests contains at least one skin exclusive to the Founder NFT Chests Edition, which differ in rarity. Chests also contain a number of tokens and skills.  Being broken up into five different chest rarities, here is what they have to offer:


Runaria ChestRunaria 

Big Chest

Runaria Grand ChestRunaria King’s ChestRunaria God’s Chest
Game Gold Tokens (GGT)2000400080001500040000
Elemental Crystals (EC)120020003000500010000
Common Skills380760152030403040
Rare Skills74148296592592
Epic Skills2550100200200
Legendary Skills12488
Uncommon Skins35799
Exotic Skin chanceVery lowLowSmallMediumGuaranteed
Rare SkinsNA3233
Epic SkinsNANA122
Legendary SkinNANANA11
Golden Arena TicketNoNoNoNoYes


The skills that you will find in our chests are the core mechanics of the Elemental Raiders gameplay, which can be used to inflict damage to enemies, or serve as shields and heals to defend your allies. 

These skills can also be levelled up to increase power, starting from uncommon, moving up to  rare, epic and legendary. The skills can be converted to NFTs, making them more powerful than ever with the ability to sell them on the marketplace!


What Are You Waiting For?

Our Founders NFT Chests are both rare and valuable, giving users a range of tokens, skills and skins. Through our play to earn model, users will have the opportunity to monetise in a magnitude of ways. With that being said – what are you waiting for? The sale of our Founders NFT Chests will be announced soon via our Twitter and Discord channels so we suggest you get following to avoid missing out!