We make no false promises and our vision, goals, and philosophies are all highlighted in our name. We make Blockchain games and we want everyone to play them to have fun and earn real money while they do so. 

Before Web 3, our team developed and published over 60 games on mobile. Now that Web 3 is here, so are we, to utilise the incredible benefits web 3 has to offer, to provide our players, our partners, and our investors with the best possible experience. One of the most important factors, and something that is instilled deep within our cores, is that the most crucial element is that the games are FUN above all else. All built on our own proprietary engine, the G4AL Engine

Elemental Raiders, our first launch, a turn-based strategy RPG, spearheads a new approach to blockchain gaming that is focused on reclaiming the entertainment value of the gaming experience – what we call Play AND Earn.

The G4AL ecosystem is unique in many ways, but at the heart of it all is the $GGT token. The Game Gold Token, a single token fuelling multiple games. 


Here are some of the notable features of the $GGT token:

  • $GGT will have use cases in all G4AL titles
  • $GGT will be the governance token of G4AL
  • $GGT will give developers access to our engine tool kits:
    • $GGT will have uses in our Software Development Kit (SDK) 
    • $GGT will have uses in our broker
    • $GGT will have uses in our launcher


Games 4 A Living ecosystem token will serve as a cross currency across all games built on the G4AL Engine, with unique and one-of-a-kind token economics. Some of the other notable features and $GGT token use cases in games are: 

  • Discounts for players on coin purchases in game.
  • Discounts for players on commission fees when cashing out coins.
  • Gives access to exclusive features in games from exclusive quests to exclusive game modes, tournaments etc..
  • Discounts for NFT purchase commissions.
  • Gives right of first refusal in auctions of exclusive NFTs.
  • Grants priority whitelist for ICOs of new games launching on our platform.
  • Gives developers opportunities to promote their own games in our metaverses and games
  • Gives developers a chance for their third party projects to be featured on our portal
  • Gives developers performance marketing campaigns executed by us
  • Gives developers the opportunity to collaborate with us in joint communications such as press releases

Apart from the games, $GGT will also be used within the G4AL Engine, giving access to the Software Development Kit (SDK), unique access to multiple things under it such as consultancy, premium support and SDK Programs. 


$GGT uses in G4AL Broker:

  • Up to 90% Discount on G4AL broker exchanges
  • Up to 90% Discount on legal tender deposits and withdrawals
  • Up to 90% Discount on Blockchain Transfers
  • Pay fees applied with $GGT in Broker balance for even bigger discounts.
  • Holders of large amounts of $GGT in their broker account will acquire VIP status, silver, gold, diamond or platinum, depending on the amount of tokens held
  • VIP status will grant access to additional benefits:
    • Access to exclusive NFTs
    • Access to exclusive tournaments
    • In-game badges of their VIP status


$GGT uses in G4AL Launcher:

  • Create NFTs in our launcher
  • Exclusive access to web portal templates for sale of NFTs
  • Exclusive access to Unity App templates that can be integrated into third-party apps and games
  • Creation of Utility tokens
  • Launching tokens from our launcher.


$GGT uses in G4AL platform governance:

  • Vote on products and functionalities that we will offer in the futures
  • Decision making power proportional to amount of tokens held
  • Short, medium and long term decision making power included but not limited to:
    • Prioritisation of issues in task list such as game functionalities.
    • Themes of future expansions, seasons and battlepasses of games and metaverses
    • New NFTs to create and how often we create them
    • What funds in the treasury of the game or metaverse will be used for
    • Future integrations and developments
    • Strategic positioning of the company in terms of the reinvestment of our resources
    • Decide on our involvement in event sponsorship and other projects
    • Decide on the types of benefits for the winners and contributors of our games and metaverses
  • Access to some of the new cryptocurrencies and features in the G4AL suite.
  • Airdrops from partner projects seeking to work with our user base.


Pre-sale of the $GGT tokens will be available in Q3 of 2022 (dates to be confirmed) and will be available on our website www.g4al.com 

If you would like to get involved with the G4AL ecosystem and community, we’d love to have you aboard, and we’re super active on our Telegram channel as well as our Twitter. These are also the best ways to stay up to date with all the latest news, information and updates, and they are the best way for you to get in touch with us!


We also have a Twitch channel where you can catch us live streaming!