Meet the video game creation superstars building Elemental Raiders

By now you have the sense that Elemental Raiders is something pretty special as far as blockchain games are concerned, so it will come as no surprise that the game is being built by some seriously talented video game experts. 

The team

The team leading Elemental Raiders have worked at and with some of the biggest video games and entertainment companies in the world: King, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony, Sega, Digital Chocolate, EA, Netflix, you name them. 

To support them they have a first-class team of game developers, artists and producers with extensive experience and boundless talent.  They bring all of this expertise to the game, and it shows. 


Bringing fun to the blockchain

The thing is, many blockchain games have lost sight of the fact that gaming should be fun. Crypto rewards are awesome, but not if they come at the cost of the gaming experience. Elemental Raiders is here to change that. 

If you are an old hand at crypto games, great! You have just discovered your next game, packed with lucrative opportunities. However if you are new to blockchain gaming, you’re in luck:  Elemental Raiders is a perfect first step in the crypto revolution, because it’s designed to make access to the blockchain as easy as possible. 

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